Monday, April 03, 2006


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I'm sure I have said this in some form or another on here, probably even a few times...but I just have to say that my oldest daughter Emilea is simply amazing she really is a gift, I came across this photo from last summer , and although it is not the smiley, cute-sie shot. For me it captures something more; it captures a snapshot of "her". When I look at it I see a glimpse of the glow that shines from within her, this great Love for those around her. I may as well just share the journaling,

it says: "you have a glow about you from deep inside your soul, a compassion for people like no other I have seen. Without so much as a smile, I see your soft gentle beauty,the love that is so great in your little heart glows from you with no need for spoken words. One Look into your soft sweet face and I know you were born with a purpose. I am sure God created you to make this world a better place."

credits for this layout are:
-papers are from Kim Christensen's fun2 pack, flower tag and jump ring, file label and staples from Kim's new "a little something fun" kit, shipping tag from her "a little something Fab", stitched "e" is the alpha in Kim's "a little something purple" kit, circle stitch is also Kim's
-other stitching is by Ronna Penner
- rounded corners and scalloped edge are from Katie Pertiet's decorative edge scissors, Kraft paper is also by Katie
- ribbon is by Christy Lyle
- title is DSP pollyanna font with atomic cupcake foam stamp action

that's all I have to say for now, I am just thankful that this sweet girl came into this world, and I know it will be a treat to have a front row seat as her life unfolds.

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it should be up later in the day!


My Life and My Loves said...

i love your layouts! your daughter is a very pretty girl. how are you doing w/ your back? lauren

Sam said...

Beautiful layout. Love the colors and I like how you used the tag.

Hope you are feeling better

Anonymous said...

You did a fantastic job on that LO! What a great picture of your daughter! Priceless :)


Amber Joy said...

how do you journal in PS? what is a circle journal? and can I hug your daughters?

Anonymous said...

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