Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shop till you drop

Sorry to be a bad blogger this week! We have a crazy flu cycling through the house so my sweet babies just want to be in my arms. I wanted to show a few fun things I picked up on our trip we had so much fun! Cam and I had saved things we needed for getting out there just cuz it's fun to find things you can't get at home. We went to target first and let me tell you, I could have stayed there for a few days!!! Didn't even see half the store but I did find the scrapbook isle and picked up a few goodies for myself . The kids got new clothes to replace the ones they've been growing out of like crazy, and Cam's mom found some really cool lamps that we got for the living room for only $14! It was thrilling!

The girls really enjoyed the pool and it was so nice to spend time together with Cam's parents, they are such kind and loving people, I am just so blessed to be a part of his family. Kaiella was waking up all night saying "weeming, weeming" translation: swimming; she couldn't get it off her little mind. We had some nice breakfasts and dinners out which is something we don't do very often at all so that was a real treat too. I have to say I'm pretty excited to do a little paper scrapping with my new goodies. It's neat, I really find that my brain works so differently with paper vs. The computer, and I grow in each medium through doing the other. Digi scrapping makes me better with paper and paper scrapping makes me better at digi. This stuff from target is nice but wait till you see what else I found!!! I'll make another post :)