Monday, April 10, 2006

Please help the cyclone victims!!!!

For those of you who are unaware ( as I was) there was a huge disaster in Australia, Cyclone Larry. I am going to quote the info directly from Kylie Clark's blog ( Scallywag)

"Cyclone Larry category 5 hit the town of Innisfail on March 20 2006, devastating the town, and surrounding areas. Larry caused untold millions of dollars worth of damage. They are comparing Larry to Katrina (for those of you who donÂ’t know a cyclone is the same as a hurricane) Weeks after the cyclone hit, clean up is still going on, they now have most of the town with power, however people are still sleeping in the streets, and there is no sewage as yet. All money raised from this kit (except the hosting fee) will be donated to the victims of Cyclone Larry. Thank you all for your support."

Kylie got ahold of me just before we left and asked me to do a layout to help promote the kit. Now I have to say, i would have done it no matter what for such a great cause, but, in my opinion, this is also a really great kit! BONUS! You've got to check it out, it is available HERE. And here is what I did with the kit

Tiara is sosoo happy when she is happy, and this is the super happy face that she makes, I've been hanging on to this photo and when I saw the kit I knew it would be a great match!

On another note; we had a wonderful weekend away with Cam's parents! I will have to load in my photos and tell about it later.Butt for now I just wanted to get this up here ( I'm just freshly back) so I will see what kind of time I have after the munchkins go to bed, but i have to ask for your patience as I get re-organized here. It may be tomorrow before the Monday challenge links are up!Sorryy but I will do my best :)

it's nice to be at home again, Have a great Monday all!