Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I took this priceless photo of tiara holding hands with her great Nana at Easter this year. It is one I will always treasure. This layout is actually a 4x6 invitation I offered to do for Emilea's school for their annual grandparents day tea. Once I get them to the printer and delivered I really want to scrapbook this as a 12x12 for my own album. It is these irreplaceable moments that I want so much to preserve forever, this is totally priceless to me.

Here's a few pics from our Easter weekend this year. It was so very nice to relax with family and just enjoy our time together. The weather must have been a record warm for here! ( note: we have more than once still had snow at Easter, and one year we had a blizzard in April) So we spent most of the weekend outside, even the sickies were happy to dress pretty and get some sunshine and fresh air, and who wouldn't want to hunt for goodies? I hope everyone else was able to spend some good times connecting with loved ones too.

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