Monday, April 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Zachary!

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Ok I promise my blog is not really the new place for birthdays only, there have been a few lately that were important to me and I love nothing more than to pour out my heart in a gift! This guy is one of our bestest little friends and I felt just so bad when I realized I had been feeling too awful on Friday and I had missed calling him ( note: my Dad's b-day was on the 27th and I DID get a call in to him but only got to leave a message so I better say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! as well, while I'm having my big blogging birthday bash) This past week was spring break for the kids here, so we went over at the beggining of the week to have a little playing outside time with the kids, I got some really fun photos of all of them, but Zach's just captured "him". They say better late than never so this is my gift to my little friend Zachary, he is just such a very great kid!

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