Monday, April 24, 2006

We got a crazy good deal on a scooter for the girls today, they were so surprised an just thrilled. No reason really, just that we are proud of them and the people they are striving to be. We let them test it out in the dining room and living room before supper and they were so amazing very kindly taking turns with each other after each girl got a few laps. Even little Kaiella got on and we pushed her around, needless to say she thought it was a rockin' ride! And waved "bye!" to everyone every time we would "go" with her. She's once again not in any of these photos because she had gone to bed by the time we took the older two outside for a lesson in the front street.When I look at these I just have to say I truly love the moments that happen between daughters and fathers. So very special I love the photo of Cam teaching Emilea and she is looking at him so intently taking in every word. Just had to share the excitement of the day. I have more to show from Tiara's ballet class on Saturday but they will have to wait for tonight, I'm beat and want to get the links organized for tomorrows Monday challenge results, it will be great to share what everyone did this week.Hoping that all of you had a great weekend.