Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm loving Mondays

Well, I had done this great long happy Monday post and when I went to publish it it didn't work and all just disappeared! So I'm gonna try to at least say half of what I had said the first time, here goes...
What do I love about Mondays? Inspiration!!! I have never before in my life been so excited for Mondays, it's always been a bit of a poopoo day lol ! So I chose Mondays to do these challenges just to make the beginning of the week a bit brighter. If it works for anyone else that's a bonus, but it motivates me to look for new inspiration and to push myself to grow and think in a way that maybe I wouldn't otherwise. And when some of you feel it too I love the inspiration I get from your pages. So here is mine

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It is called "Spunk to spare!!!" and says: "She's no ordinary ballerina, this girl has got spunk to spare!!!" and at the bottom; " Tiara @ 4 with that look in her eyes". Tiara is such a funny little munchkin and really is totally full of spunk, she keeps us laughing all the time. Here she was dressed in her beautiful delicate ballet dress and I was trying to get some "pretty" pictures. but she waits and just as I'm ready to get the perfect shot, she grins her big grin and sticks out her tongue, what a monkey! Then I ended up capturing something so much better than the "pretty" shot. I caught that spark in her eyes, a look I just love! she is so sweet and loving but she has this spark of mischief in there and plenty of spunk! I just love it!!! I really liked the off centre balance and page-in-a-page concept from the inspiration article. I used mostly everything from Kim's new Garden collection. For a complete list of supplies click Here

Now you gotta check out these chickee's take on this ad. If I missed anyone please let me know ( e-mail link at the bottom) , and if you still wanted to get one to me I will add it here.

Dani (dmogs)


Amber Joy

That's all for now, Happy Monday!!!